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HOME 〉お知らせ 〉Original Design Kanji Production-Sokan Japan

2020.07.20 Mon  2022.10.05

Original Design Kanji Production-Sokan Japan



This is a design service that allows you to design your favorite kanji only once in the world.

What is Sokan Japan?

Sokan Japan creates your favorite Kanji with your desired design tone. Since the created data is design data for printing, you can create “only one design Kanji in the world” for various original goods such as T-shirts, caps, mugs and smartphone cases.


Designed by a Japanese designer

The original Kanji of Sokan Japan is designed by a Japanese born in Japan and raised in Japan. Kanji is originally from China, but it can be said that it is a beautiful hieroglyph that has evolved and been used uniquely in Japan. Based on the Japanese taste, it is guaranteed that it stands out because it is produced with a Japanese design tone that can not be expressed by Westerners.

There are 4 types of design tones

There are basically four types of Kanji design. You can choose your favorite type from these. Of course, if you want your own design, please send us an image that is close to the design image and we will create it with the design tone. Specifying an original design is easy and costly.

  • Soukan Japan
  • Soukan Japan

    Only one original Kanji creation in the world -Soukan Japan.


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